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Current Poetry Project: The Argument of Time


The Argument of Time, a five-book series, was triggered by Teresa’s first visit to Ostia Antica in 2014. From the moment she stepped through the Porta Romana, the place had an inexplicable hold on her. Her daylong exploration of the ruins turned into a profound experience: everything in the landscape spoke to her. Back in her then-home in New Jersey, she wrote down the title of all five books in The Argument of Time without any idea of what the actual content of each book would be, except it would be connected to Ostia in some way and that the poems would exist in English and Italian.

Book One: Visit to an Extinct City

Book Two: Metamorphoses, Book XVI

Book Three: Time Out of Joint




Art in Common Places


Co-Founders Teresa Carson, Leslie Butterfield, and Cynthia Burnell believe that art belongs to everyone. They’re on a mission to put art in public places so people can encounter it in their daily lives.

Art in Common Places



ROMA-Ostia [270N19], plaster, wax, paint: Anne Fischer Poem: Teresa Carson

Unbroken Thread[s]


Through mutli-discplinary collaborations and projects, co-founders Teresa Carson and Anne Fischer explore how histories/myths/memories are excavated, interpreted, transformed and transmitted.





CavanKerry Press blog: Teresa Carson on Poetry


In this reoccurring blog series, Teresa supplies readers with thoughts on poetry based off her weekly la poesia della settimana emails.